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SAT Strategic Plan, More Aggressive With Righteous, Blind Eyes For Sinners: Santamarina And Steta

  • They are going to invest significant resources in inspection, and they are not going to find much. While the great evaders subsist and the informal economy grows..
  • Nothing to increase the taxpayer base..

Mexico City. May 4, 2022. Mariano Calderón, the partner in charge of the tax area of the firm Santamarina y Steta, pointed out that the Strategic Plan for large taxpayers that the SAT presented in recent days confirms the vision that taxpayers will continue to be exploited captives, to those who already pay, without really taking a fundamental measure to the significant fiscal problems of the country.

“The problem is that large taxpayers already pay their taxes by the law, and what is coming are prolonged reviews, litigation, and waste of time that will not leave much more collection for the SAT. They are guided by the false dogma that large companies in Mexico do not pay taxes, and they are going to run into reality, which is very different. In Mexico, 20% of the total collection comes from corporations, which places us as the seventh country with the highest corporate collection within the OECD while we continue to have a huge fiscal gap derived from the invoice companies and the formal economy that continues to grow, without any fiscal consequence”, he reported.

Mariano Calderón clarified that with the strategic plan tax litigation will increase since large taxpayers have the right to demonstrate that their operations adhere to the law and not accept baseless SAT deductions, so that the courts are the ones who decide the light of the law and the truth, no matter how aggressive the criteria of the authorities may be. “The problem is doctrinal, of dogma, that companies do not pay and that the government requires resources, even when the latter are squandered on projects without social and economic profitability. Only before the law, do we all have rights and obligations. They want to increase the tax burden on large taxpayers without charging taxes to the bulk of the informal sector”, he clarified.

According to the expert, eventually, toughening the criteria for large corporations will end up reducing their investment capacity and job creation and detonation of productive chains, generating a vicious circle against economic growth. "Unfortunately, we believe that the already strong wave of acts of control, persecution, and audits of large corporations will increase, which will be fought in court," he concluded.

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