Santamarina Steta
Innovation with a human approach
Business disruption for sustainable growth
Strategic solutions with a global perspective
Synergy with environmental, social and corporate responsibility
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75 years of excellence precede us


To be the leading law firm in Mexico with holistic knowledge and experience, committed to the needs and interests of our national and international clients by employing strategic, creative, innovative, and humane approaches.


To contribute to the growth of Mexico by ethically forming the best lawyers, who offer innovative, proactive, and humane legal solutions, generating value to our clients.


We collaborate in a diverse and inclusive workplace that values and celebrates differences. We provide our employees with the tools, opportunities, and training necessary to succeed in an environment free of bias and a workplace that embraces and celebrates the skills and talents of all.


We believe in a more just and equitable society, which is why we represent pro bono clients and help them overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable without legal assistance. Our pro bono work focuses on empowering people to seek justice and opportunity, providing tools to nonprofit organizations and supporting the economic development of underprivileged communities. In addition, we encourage the participation of our attorneys in our pro bono practice, creating awareness of social responsibility with sustainable actions.