Santamarina Steta

Norma Álvarez G.

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Norma specializes in energy, regulation, ESG, climate change and environment issues. She has worked in both the private sector, advising different national and foreign clients on environmental, real estate and energy issues, as well as in the public sector in different positions.Her time at the Energy Regulatory Commission is relevant, as she was part of the Government’s advisory group that developed the 2014 Energy Reform, being responsible for the regulation and implementation of the Clean Energy Certificate mechanism and the Energy Certificate Management System (S-CEL). During her tenure as General Director of Clean Energy Integration, she served as Focal Point for Climate Change in said Commission.It is noteworthy her work in electricity matters, having been responsible for regulation of one of the main electricity companies in the sector. In addition, Norma provides legal advice in the development of projects and regulation in the energy sector, both in gas and hydrocarbons issues. She also has experience in the development of climate change projects and the design of ESG strategies for different sectors and stakeholders.
Áreas de especialidad​: Derecho inmobiliario, Energía, Ambiental