Santamarina Steta

ESG Latam Focus: Regulating the Green Investment Boom – Promises and Difficulties

In 2022, ESG and sustainability have been at the center of the agenda in Latin America, a region known worldwide for its spectacular biological and cultural diversity. This fact, combined with the entrepreneurial energy of the area, has led to a rapid proliferation of ESG investment businesses, products, and opportunities aimed at national and international investors.

Global demand has produced a “green investment” boom with growth in green and sustainable bond issuances and ambitious projects linked to the energy transition. This explosion carries fantastic potential but also some significant risks.

Regulatory frameworks are evolving worldwide in response to the rapid expansion of green financial products and related services. Regulatory frameworks and developing taxonomies show divergent approaches with a straightforward lack of consistency across the globe. In Latin America, some countries have taken significant steps in regulating ESG products, while others are far behind. Law enforcement activity in this area is still in its infancy but shows a clear direction of progress.

Our partner Juan Carlos Machorro is part of this conference organized by Lexology, in which they will talk about:

  • The rapidly evolving regulatory landscape regarding ESG financial products.
  • The regulatory approaches adopted by the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the countries of Latin America.
  • Some notable regulatory initiatives in the Latin American region.
  • Practical steps to manage the risk of greenwashing.
  • Updating the app, including recent actions taken by regulatory authorities.