Santamarina Steta

Partner José Ramón Ayala is Founding Member of the Querétaro Council for Strategic Planning

On August 8, 2023, the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri González, led the creation of the Querétaro Council for Strategic Planning, after which he formally launched the forums for the Preparation of the Querétaro 2050 Plan.

José Ramón Ayala, partner and founder of the Querétaro and Bajío office of Santamarina + Steta, is part of the Council, which aims to be a space for meeting, reflection, and analysis of various strategic issues to ensure long-term, sustainable, and comprehensive growth for the state of Querétaro.

During the meeting, the Secretary of Planning and Citizen Participation, Antonio Rangel, highlighted the importance of developing strategies aligned with the State Development Plan 2021-2027. Eduardo Sojo Aldape, director of the National Public Policy Laboratory, emphasized that this process seeks to create a long-term plan focused on collaboration to transcend future government administrations.

Likewise, the president of the Council, Ricardo Pereda López, thanked the impulse given to citizen participation and promised to maintain and increase it. For his part, local deputy Luis Gerardo Ángeles Herrera is committed to promoting legislative reforms to seek the well-being of Querétaro families.

In addition to our partner José Ramón Ayala, the Council is formed by various members of the society, with profiles that complement each other, including former councilors of the Electoral Institute of the State of Querétaro, directors of renowned universities, communicators, journalists, businessmen, engineers, among others.