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Publication of new arbitration rules of the Mexican Arbitration Center (CAM).

In December 2022, the Mexican Arbitration Center ("CAM") published its new arbitration rules, which can be consulted at the following websites here.

The Rules added novel aspects, putting them at the forefront for the resolution of commercial disputes.

One of the central points is innovation in theuse of technologies. The possibility of sending communications by electronic means and holding hearings under a hybrid or completely remote scheme is now expressly provided for.

Another important point is in relation to theprecautionary measures. The Arbitral Tribunals are granted the power to order the parties, on a preliminary basis, to maintain things in the state they are in, until the merits of the request for an interim injunction are resolved.

In addition, the Rules now provide for the obligation of the parties to disclose the existence offinancing arrangements (Third Party Funding). In addition, it reinforces the application of the principles ofimpartiality and independenceof the Arbitral Tribunal.

Finally, the new Rules provide for simplified arbitration, which involves an abbreviated process for cases involving amounts of less than 3 million pesos.

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