Santamarina Steta

Jaime Vázquez G.

With more than 24 years of professional experience, Jaime specializes in labor and social security matters. He serves as legal representative of various companies in individual and collective matters before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, Collegiate Circuit Courts and before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.He provides advice and representation in processes concerning individual relationships with workers and in negotiations with unions. Within his practice, he carries out the attention of verifications of the Secretary of Labor and Social Security and the directorates and secretariats of labor and social security of the states and the Mexican Institute of Social Security, followed by the attention of the administrative procedures for the applications of sanctions to employers for non-compliance with labor standards.In addition, he participates in the definition of strategies to formalize mass layoffs of workers, employer substitutions, and implementation of working conditions.He obtained his law degree from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, in Mexico.
Areas of expertise: Employment and Social Security