Santamarina Steta

Santamarina + Steta is part of the Advisory Council of CANAMI

The National Chamber of Industrialized Maize (CANAMI) works to build alliances between the public, private and social sectors to strengthen the Mexican market for industrialized maize and support the construction of solutions to agri-food issues.

On October 28, the Advisory Council was installed, which will issue expert opinions to the Board of Directors and affiliates on federal and state regulations, Official Mexican Standards (NOMs), initiatives of the Legislative Branch, and various core issues for the agri-food industry.

The council is integrated by Mtra. Marcela Martinez Pichardo, President of CANAMI; Dr. Bram Govaerts Cimmyt, Director General of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT); Eng. Sandra Herrero Cagigas, Vice President of the Mexican Association of Conformity Evaluating Companies (AMEEC); the Master Francisco Javier Mayorga Castañeda, Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte and former Secretary of Agriculture; and the Mtra. Enriqueta Molina Macías, associate of Santamarina + Steta.